LangDev web service provides RESTful HTTP API.

GET /users/f/signout

Signs out.

GET /users/f/signin
POST /users/f/signin
GET /users/f/signup
GET /users/f/orgot
POST /users/f/orgot
GET /posts/atom.xml
GET /posts/write
POST /users/
GET /posts/

Show a list of posts.

Query Parameters:
  • view – one of summary or table. default is table
  • next – id of the next post what you want to fetch. It can be useful for calling API, or infinite scroll.
  • offset – offset from a latest post.
  • limit – number of posts to show. default is 20, maximum is 100.
Status Codes:
  • 200 – no error.
  • 404next post is not exists.
POST /posts/
GET /apps/

Third-party application registration form.

POST /apps/
GET /users/(user_login)/password-findings/(token)
POST /users/(user_login)/password-findings/(token)
GET /apps/(app_key)/sso/(user_login)

Simple SSO API.

POST /apps/(app_key)/sso/(user_login)

Simple SSO API.

GET /posts/(int: post_id)/edit
POST /posts/(int: post_id)/(int: comment_id)
GET /posts/(int: post_id)/(int: comment_id)
DELETE /posts/(int: post_id)/(int: comment_id)
GET /users/(user_login)/password-findings
POST /users/(user_login)/password-findings
GET /users/(user_login)/posts

Posts a user wrote.

GET /posts/(int: post_id)
PUT /posts/(int: post_id)
DELETE /posts/(int: post_id)
POST /posts/(int: post_id)
GET /users/(user_login)

User profile page.

PUT /users/(user_login)

Edit the profile.

DELETE /users/(user_login)
GET /apps/(app_key)

Application detail information.

DELETE /apps/(app_key)

Deletes an application.

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